The Path To Traffic Success.

The term “TRAFFIC” determines the success of any business that is aimed to garner revenue by the means of manipulation proceeded by accumulation. Prior to the invention of the internet, there existed three categories of manipulated Traffic.

  1. Drug traffic
  2. Arms traffic
  3. Human traffic

Needless to say that even though they were illegal the business were the most profitable. With Web trafficking people are going to garner better profits, the reason being it is legal. The internet fraternity is the largest in the world.

Possibly in every spot of the world there exists an internet user.So when you have a website that you would want to popularize in the web and get every other user to get accustomed to view your website,you will have to follow a set of rules.These rules will definitely provide you all the resources that comes under the tag


Creating a website and then submitting it to search engines isn’t just enough. There are numerous websites of the same category serving people with the same contents. You got to be unique, a cut above the rest, so that when a browser wants information on something that your category provides, your website is the one he first visits. There is a saying that there is no use in having talent if you cannot market it. The same goes for a website to. Enlisted here are some ways to market and popularize your website on the internet.

(1)Make it easy for a prospect to locate and gain access to a web response area. Web response forms allows prospects to potentially qualify themselves. reinforcing the response area by providing links across the site provide multiple opportunities to respond.

(2)Create a promotional area with special offers. Make sure this special offers change from time to time. Tie these offers with direct marketing campaign

(3)Place an onsite banner ad. An onsite banner ad is used to advertise and promote your website on other peoples website

(4)Offer a free subscription letter to a online news paper on your site (eg

(5)Drive traffic to your website via traditional media. After investing on a website be sure to capitalize on its existence. then promote the website aggressively. If you have any special offers promote it on searchengines thereby drawing traffic to your site.

After the marketing process is done what you would look for is your visitors. Personalize them and make them your targeted traffic.. Give him everything possible anyone can offer so that he doesn’t go hunting for other options available. You website should be his sole destination. With millions of website competing for viewers how does one get the results they are looking for? There is a big difference in having a website and marketing on the internet. Having a website is great but it is useless if nobody knows about it. A website is of no good if the target marketing objectives aren’t met with. Following are certain fundamental marketing strategies with respect to internet marketing.

  • Defining your online marketing objectives.
  • Defining your target market and developing ur website and online marketing strategy with them in mind.
  • Developing the internet marketing strategy that is appropriate for your service.

Without articulating the above objectives it is impossible for your webdeveloper to market the website. Proper updating of the website is also very important. Generate a list of primary and secondary objectives thereby relating every element of the website with each other. Some of the most common primary objectives are

(1)Advertising your products or service
(2)Selling your products or service.
(3)Providing customer service and product support
(4)Providing corporate information
(5)Creating company identity or brand awareness

The traffic targeted should get a daily dose of your website.The process should start of as you craving for visitors and with the passage of time the “U-Turn” should occur-people should crave for a visit to your website.There are three fundamental ways to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Following are the methods that is used for implementation.

1. Buy Traffic
This method required you to have some cash to do advertising to drive traffic to your site. Some of the ways are Pay Per Click, Ezine advertising, Banner Ads.

2. Create Traffic
This method involve some viral effect to be more effective. You can either participate in forum, comment on other people blog, write articles or give away a free report.

3. Stealing Traffic
It is actually borrowing other people traffic to come to your site, it is also known as leveraging. One example of leveraging is through affiliate system. You can either have a product of your own, then create an affiliate program where by lots of people will sent targeted traffic to your site for the sake of earning a commission. This method can be powerful you do it well.

Driving traffic to your site is not as difficult as it seem if you know the fundamental ways that you can do it.

And finally how do you calculate your web traffic or conduct an analysis. Until you understand who is coming and why, it’ll be difficult to improve. There four ways to analyze Web site traffic:

* Install a counter on your Web page
* Use your ISP’s statistical package
* Purchase Web traffic analysis software
* Employ an outside firm to audit your Web traffic

In short, traffic analysis allows you to ask questions which help you fine-tune your Web marketing strategy. Web marketing without statistical analysis is like learning to drive blindfolded. At best, ineffective, at worst, dangerous. Internet advertising has been a boon for global marketing. For amateurs who have just started out here’s your basic concept to successful advertising on net.