Google And Alexa’s Web Theory!!!!

It is often wondered as to why people are dying to be listed by google or getting their traffic rank in alexa into the top 10.Rewind to 24 months back.Youtube a video website was created by three former paypal employees.The website’s proper marketing and uniqueness to provide viewers with every information possible as far as it’s trade goes had it being listed in alexa’s top 10 traffic rankings and then followed it up by being procurred by google on october 2006.Today it is considered as google’s video library and lists third on alexa’s rankings for traffic.

Often SEO analysts who are regular posters on SEO webmaster forums would come up on a topic that says alexa’s ranking is useless and the main factor that matters is google’s pagerank.With due repsects to the latter aspect,I would beg to differ from the first one,that alexa is not important.To feature in alexa top rankings is a show of status for your website.It indicates that your website posses all the requirements needed to capture visitors and make them explore your website in detail.To that convincingly and repeatedly requires smart work if not HARD WORK.As I mentioned earlier that the net was probably the only place where you would be informed on all topics possible, there are cent percent chances that there would be around ten websites similar to yours no matter how hard you try to be unique.Never mind even if you try to use an odd design,extraordinary content and over the roof promotions.Your website is not going to be seen as something that is being offered for the first time.There is a proverb that says”TO BE AMONGST THE CLASS YOU NEED TO RISE FROM THE MASS”.I haven’t the faintest idea as to who said it but all I know is it holds good for every form of existence.

To be the best amongst all similar websites and to drive your competitors crazy is a big challenge and possibly the toughest one on the internet.Good creative skills does help.Stop immitating others and carve a name that is solely related to you.Even if it is criticized.Once your website is created and you do all the marketing startegies well you will definitely get visitors.This first set of visitors would be the one’s who would decide the fate of your website.Never mind if they are even a handful.ou impress them more then 50% of your job would be done.These visitors would recommend your website to others who are on the lookout for content that your website will offer.Similarly the second set of visitors would do the same to a third party and so on.Once the word is spread your website is a hit.People would casually start searching for your website on google even if they donot require your services at that particular instant.

Your website should also feature in google’s first page if a search related to your website is made.The visitors will only help you to enhance your rankings on alexa.The google theory is “I am the BEST”.Once your website is popular and people are “gung ho” google will automatically come up with a deal that very few would find hard to resist.It is then when you will find all your efforts and hard work being payed off.Search results for your websites will feature the wikipedia article that you originally wrote but wasn’t featured as you wern’t listed.More information about you and your website will lead to further discussions on the net.

So now then what’s the wait for?Just a couple of years hard work and I promise if the algorithms favors you and your luck,You would never have to look back in life.After all we are all here for the prized gift-listings furthered by fame and MONEY.