Ezine Ads Generate Traffic And Garners Revenue

Ezine Ads are one of the swiftest and cost effective ways to generate traffic and revenue to your website.They are basically used to carry out joint ventures or ad swaps.Ezine Ads are categorized on their basis of operation (i.e the type of application).

A)Classified Ads:Basically small Ads that appear at the bottom of the newsletter.They are used when limited space is provided for posting the ads.Hence they are meant to be to the point and must have an appeal to target visitors.

B)Sponsor Ads: They are used for descriptive purposes. They are placed either at the top of the newsletter or at the middle. They are costlier then classified ads and are more effective on grounds of their position on the newsletter.

c)Solo Ads: They are the most effective amongst the three and at the same time expensive. They fill up the entire newsletter describing your ad.

Advertising through ezine is effective undoubtedly, but there are people who keep on lamenting about their failures. There are a set of rules one must follow prior to posting an ad.


1)save money and concenterate advertising using Solo ads. They have the best chances of being read by the subscribers as they have no other ads placed on the newsletter.

2)Swap an ad: This is the most basic swap that you can participate in, and will create a win-win situation as both you and your swapper will get your ads in front of a targeted audience.

3)SUBJECT AND CONTENT:The textual and the basic part of the ad. The subject and matter must be completely appealing. If the subject of your content and purpose of the reader matches then you hit bull’s eye. There is no point in having a subject that a reader gets bored off instantly and closes the newsletter. The complete effort and money is wasted. Even if your content is good it will not make any difference if the subject is dull.

Moving on to the contextual part. Be to the point. A deatiled insight will always grasp the readers eye and make him or her addicted to your newsletter. Give him everything anyone could possibly offer so that he doesn’t go hunting for other options available. Make sure that you have readers to whom reading your newsletter is a compulsion.

4)When you are advertising an affiliate program or promoting a service or product of a host to a customer, don’t give the website address of the host to the customer. The reason is simple. Say for instance a host has a couple of products to be sold or service to be utilized. You are handed over the responsibility to advertise a product or service from the list and you promote it to the customer. If the customer feels unsatisfied by the performance of the service ,he complains to you as you are the lead. So you have another option to promote the remaining product. Where as if the customer has the web address of the host he goes to the webpage and finds out every thing and does the communication himself and you loose both the leads.
Hence it is important that the customer and host are unaware of each others presence.

5)Advertise in well known Ezines and which are related to the topic you are advertising.

6)Write your own articles and get it published in ezines and placed on websites. Origional authors command more respect. These articles stay on the websites for years generating traffic. If you have a website for promotion, you can add it along with the signature. Writing articles for ezines is the most effective way to advertise using ezines. It’s cheap and will generate traffic for a long period.

For success in SEO through any path be it article submission , blogging, ppc or ezine ads you need targeted traffic. Once you capture an audience that is solely yours and are dedicated to your information or website whatsoever, you emerge triumphant.